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The Purge - Camera Test


When Hemingway called me from New Orleans to cut the camera test for The Purge, my immediate thoughts for the cut were; stylized-hectic, chaotic, anarchy.

Being it was Friday and the cut was due Monday, it turned out to be a hectic edit itself but it was oh so fun to put together.

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A Europe Feel Trip


I've always wanted to go to Europe and especially London. So after a not-so-fun couple months and with time off from work, I booked a last minute solo trip and headed across the pond! The fear of being alone in a country where I did not know a soul quickly washed away as I explored Europe's historic cities.

London is now my favorite city and I go back at least once a year.

UNSOLVED - Camera Test


Anthony and I like to think of ourselves as pioneers when it comes to the camera test :D Typically the camera test is viewed as simple dailies but we decided to cut them into something fun and entertaining for the Producers, Studio and Network executives. It builds excitement for a new show and is always well received. Which is a great feeling for me cause the turnaround time is always so short!

Southern Wicked Lemonade - Grammy Gift Promo

Editor / After Effects Artist

Southern Wicked Lemonade along with Anthony Hemingway's new liquor brand were selected to be included in the gift bag for the 60th Grammy Awards. This was an Instagram promo to help spread the word on these new products.

When Hurricane Matthew forced production on UNDERGROUND Season 2 to shutdown and evacuate out of Savannah, GA, we were sent to Atlanta. With a few days free I decided to explore the city with my GoPro and create my own THE WALKING DEAD intro!

Atlanta Exploration - The Walking Dead Style!

Editor / After Effects Artist

I always liked to mess with Anthony, so I cut this short live tweet promo for his episode "100 Percent Not Guilty". I made sure to add Sarah saying "this is bad" at the end to poke fun at his tweeting.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson - Live Tweet Promo


UNDERGROUND - Production Kickoff Promo

After Effects Artists

When we arrived at our production offices in Baton Rouge, LA to begin production on UNDERGROUND Season 1 in 2015, I made this short 15 sec promo for the producers and departments heads to post to their Instagram accounts.



Our very first camera test! It was a very simple shoot, we had a single camera static on a tripod and the idea to cut the footage together didn't come till after we wrapped that day. Since then, we've added dollies for more dynamic camera moves, more props, set dressing and much more flare!

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